The background image is two wheelchair users with text that reads, "The only dating app for the disabled community." There are three screenshots of Dateability.

Our Mission

Dateability is the only dating app designed for the disabled and chronically ill communities. People with disabilities and chronic illness often encounter ableism on other dating apps. We understand the unique circumstances that present when dating with a disability, which is why we created a safe and accepting space to create meaningful connections for people with physical, intellectual, and psychiatric disabilities.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive dating app which means welcoming people of all genders and sexual orientations.

Dateability is available to use on iOS, Android, and web application (dateabilityapp.com) for North America.

Click here to download on Android

About us

Dateability was founded by sisters, Alexa and Jacqueline Child and developed by R2 Consulting.


The co-founders of Dateability, Alexa and Jacqueline Child smiling in front of green trees and grass. They are both wearing black sweaters with their arms crossed.