Check out Dateability’s YouTube for tutorials on how to use the app!

 1. What is Dateability?

Dateability is a dating app designed for people with disabilities and chronic illness.  We believe in making love accessible for all people.

 2. Can able-bodied/non-disabled people join Dateability?

Yes, anyone can join Dateability; however, it is important that a user’s values align with those of the app. Non-disabled users must respect the disabled/chronically ill community on Dateability. All inappropriate messages or demands will result in an immediate deletion of user. 

3. What does Dateability value?

We value inclusion, respect, and the importance of creating meaningful and healthy connections.  We support each user and their individualized needs and preferences. Dateability was created so people with disabilities have a safe space to find love.

4. Is Dateability free?

Dateability is a free dating app.

5. Is there a minimum age requirement to join Dateability?

Yes, users must be at least 18 years of age to join. 

6. Can people of all genders and sexual orientations join Dateability?

Yes, creating an inclusive dating app means that we encourage people of all genders and sexual orientations to join and find love.

7. What are the image descriptions on each photo? 

Image descriptions provide textual access to those who cannot visually access image or have a sensory processing disorder. To learn how to write image descriptions, check out our Youtube video.

8. What is profile verification and how do I do it?

Dateability’s profile verification process references submitted photos and the photos uploaded to one’s profile. If they match, users receive a badge. To verify your profile, go to your profile select the pencil icon, scroll down, and select ‘Verify Profile.’ 

9. How do I change my age range?

Go to the Settings page from the upper right hand corner and type in your age range. Minimum age must be at least 18. 

10. How does the location function work?

Dateability users currently have the option to search for users within a 100 mile radius, or all across North America. To view users in your area, click on the upper right hand corner and go to the Settings page. Toggle the maximum distance bar and slide the scale to select your radius. To see all Dateability users that fall within your preferences, toggle it off. 

11. How do I change my ‘interested in’ selection?

Click on your profile and select the profile icon. From there, you can make your selections. 

12. How do I hide my basic descriptors?

While we require every user to fill out the basic descriptors when onboarding, you can hide them once your profile is completed by going to the Settings page and changing the toggle next to each category. 

13. What are some ways to maintain safety while dating?

For safe dating tips, view our Safety and Resources page and review our Safety Tutorial under Settings. 

14. How do I report or block a user?

If someone is using inappropriate language or pictures, please use the report/block buttons at the bottom of the profile or report them by emailing [email protected].

15. How do I unmatch a user?

To unmatch, click on their profile from the Matches list and hit the red X. Confirm you would like to unmatch. 

16. How do I report technical issues?

If you are having technical issues, please send an email to [email protected] or fill out the Contact Us form. 

17. How do I change my password?

You can change your password by selecting “forgot password” on the login page or by going to the Settings page on the app and scrolling down and selecting ‘change password.’

18. How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to the Settings page from the upper right hand, scroll to the bottom and select ‘delete account.’