At Dateability, we are dedicated to making our space as accessible as possible.

If you are having difficulties accessing Dateability’s services, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line, “Accessibility.”

Mac Accessibility Tips

  • Select System Preferences > Accessibility
    • Vision: These features are used to turn on zoom, VoiceOver, or change the visual displays, such as color
    • Hearing: Turn on captions for video content.
    • Motor: These features use spoken commands, the tab key, and an onscreen keyboard

Windows Accessibility Tips

  • Select Settings > Accessibility
    • Vision: These features can change the text size, magnify the screen, and change color filters, and use the Narrator tool.
    • Hearing: You can enable mono sounds and use on-screen notifications.
    • Motor: Enable the mouse keys function to use your numeric keyboard to control your mouse.
    • Speech: Use speech recognition and voice typing.