Cleanlogic: Accessibility in Body Care

Cleanlogic: Accessibility in Body Care

With October being Disability Employment Month and Blindness Awareness Month, we want to highlight Cleanlogic, a body care brand whose mission is to help those with visual impairments. Cleanlogic was founded by Isaac Shapiro, whose mom had lost her vision as child. He knew that creating accessible products would be life changing for his mother and the other 25 million Americans living with visual impairments. By including Braille on product packing and donating a portion of each sale to relevant organizations, Cleanlogic has created a mission-driven brand with amazing products.

Cleanlogic makes products such as body exfoliators, dry brushes, stretch cloths, facial mitts, and so much more! The brand focuses on impact within both the accessibility and the sustainability realms. The sustainable line includes products that are free from dyes and created with organic and recycled materials. Plus, the packaging is also made with sustainable materials!

Cleanlogic’s Assembled in the USA Stretch Cloth is assembled by an amazing team of disabled employees. By employing people with disabilities, Cleanlogic is proving their commitment to accessibility and inclusivity on macro and micro levels.

We tested out many Cleanlogic products and we loved every one of them. Their products were soft (and rough when they needed to be!) and really got the job done. You can find a video on our experience here!

Check out Cleanlogic and get your body care products today!

Jacqueline, a Caucasian female with brown hair and brown eyes, smiling.

Jacqueline Child

Jacqueline is the co-founder of Dateability. She lives with multiple chronic illnesses and is dedicated to changing the experience of disabled people.