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Pride Month: Including Disabled People in the Celebration

During Pride Month, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community’s achievements and progress towards equality. It’s important to recognize and amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ individuals with disabilities, highlighting their unique experiences. By understanding their challenges and contributions, we can foster a more inclusive society.

From Shame to Change: My Dating Journey as a Disabled Woman

As a millennial, it is not uncommon for my generation to meet partners on dating apps, so when I graduated college and moved to Denver, I gave the apps a good shot. I set up my profile using my favorite photos of myself, crafted a cheeky bio, and began swiping! The matches rolled in and I felt excited…but the excitement didn’t last long.

Three screenshots of Dateability. The first is the profile verification page. The second is a profile showing image description. The third is the list of descriptors with all the toggles active.

Tips for Your Dateability Profile

Tips for Your Dateability Profile Online dating can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! What should you include in your bio? Which pictures should you use? Here are some tips to make your dating app experience the most fun and successful: 1. Photos: When choosing photos, use ones that are the best representation of yourself! Don’t use photoshopped pictures—you are beautiful the way you are. Use high quality photos (and ditch the sunglasses!). Lastly, use a variety of pictures, such as ones with friends or one in which you are doing a hobby. 2. Verify Profile: Fill out the profile verification form to let users know that you are the real deal! You can also request users to verify if they have not done so already. 3. Basic Descriptors: On Dateability, users have the option to hide the basic descriptors. Profiles with the most information receive the most likes! 4. Bio: Add a fun bio so users can get a good sense of your personality. 5. Activity: You need to use the app to get those matches! Log on every day for at least five minutes to swipe through your feed and likes list. Message your matches and don’t ghost! 6. Image Descriptions: Because Dateability is a dating app for disabled people, we include a text box for image descriptions. Image descriptions are helpful for blind & low vision users, as well as those with sensory processing disorders. Add image descriptions to each picture. Stay tuned for a post about how to write them! Jacqueline Child Jacqueline is the co-founder of Dateability. She lives with multiple chronic illnesses and is dedicated to changing the experience of disabled people. 

A gray patterned background with two screenshots showing the profile verification page and the settings page.

App Update

We are excited to release a big update! We took all of your feedback and enhanced the app according to your suggestions.

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Changing the Dating Experience for Disabled People

As a young girl, I dreamed about the day I would get married. I imagined finding my partner in college and beginning a happy life together, but when I graduated without a partner, I hit the dating apps. I knew the apps were becoming increasingly popular and real people were finding love on them, so I said, “Hey, why not? Let’s give it a shot.” I put my hobbies and basic information on my profile and uploaded my favorite photos. The matches started rolling in, but then the course suddenly changed. What happened you may ask? I told my matches I was disabled…