Let’s Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

Let’s Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

On February 13, Dateability is celebrating Galentine’s Day with our community! The comedy, Parks and Recreation, pioneered this holiday and made it a global celebration. If you’re on a dating app, you’re probably not celebrating Valentine’s Day, so join us for a day of friendship and fun!

This year, Dateability is teaming up with incredible brands and influential figures that are committed to empowering all people. Our partners include LoveSeen, Cleanlogic, Hill House Home, Lingua Franca, Guide Beauty, Dr. Akilah Cadet, and Stacy London.

Dateability will be hosting a virtual event to talk all things fun, fashion, disability, and dating and we are opening up nominations to select 5 lucky people to spend an evening with these wonderful brands and people. Each attendee will receive a gift basket of products from all the brands!

To be considered, please fill out this form (nominate yourself or a friend!).

A light blue background with the LoveSeen logo up top. Cutouts of products like lashes and tools are below. There is a cutout of a model wearing lashes and a cutout of Jenna Lyons.
LoveSeen is the brand to shop from for faux lashes! Founded by Jenna Lyons, a fashion icon and tv personality, LoveSeen carries diverse lashes for different occasions and eye shapes. Jenna, who lives with a genetic conditioning affecting her skin and hair, created LoveSeen with purpose and impact. LoveSeen has generously gifted a suite of lashes for our Galentine’s Day event winners! 
 light orange background with the Cleanlogic logo up top. Cutouts of their products, such as cleansing clothes, dry brush, and sponges are below. There is a cutout of Isaac Shapiro and Mike Ghesser.
Cleanlogic, founded by Isaac Shapiro and Mike Ghesser, has made body and skincare products specifically for the visually impaired community. Committed to empowering and encouraging independence among the disability community, Cleanlogic has included braille on all their packaging, as well as employing those with disabilities. Each Galentine’s Day winner will receive a bundle mixed with both Cleanlogic’s most popular and new products!
A light blue background with the Hill House Home logo up top. Cutouts of their products, such as shoes, bags, robes, and the nap dress, are below. There is a cutout Nell Diamond.
Hill House Home, founded by Nell Diamond, is dedicated to a design-centric approach using timeless and high-quality goods. Hill House quickly became known for their viral Nap Dress that combines both style and comfort for an effortless look. Nell Diamond and Hill House are committed to making an impact amongst their community and has gifted each Galentine’s Day winner with a Nap Dress of their choice! 
A light pink background with the Lingua Franca logo up top. Cutouts of sweaters, socks, and a necklace are below. There is a cutout Rachelle Hruska.
Lingua Franca is the OG of embroidered sweaters. Rachelle Hruska, the founder and CEO of Lingua Franca, is known for her bold sweaters with fun and impactful statements. Lingua Franca is never afraid of making their stances known and embroider sweaters with phrases like, “when there are nine” and “gun control now.” The Galentine’s Day event winners will receive a custom Dateability x Lingua Franca sweatshirt that says, “All for love and love for all.”
Image Description: A light green background with the Guide Beauty logo up top. Cutouts of their products, such as the eyeliner wand, brushes, and eyeshadow palette are below. There is a cutout of Terri Bryant and Selma Blair.
Founded by disabled makeup artist and educator, Terri Bryant, Guide Beauty has revolutionized the makeup industry by creating accessible makeup tools and products. Terri and Selma Blair combined their expertise and created products that are both luxurious and accessible. Guide Beauty is committed to using universal design, which makes applying makeup easier for EVERYONE, including disabled people. Guide Beauty has gifted each of our Galentine’s Day winners a full set of products! 
A light navy blue background with the Dateability logo as the header. There are cutouts of merch and the app. A cutout of Jacqueline and Alexa wearing Dateability merch is below.
Dateability, founded by Jacqueline and Alexa Child, is the only dating app for the entire disabled and chronically ill communities. The sisters founded Dateability after Jacqueline’s lived experiences as a disabled woman. They are committed to breaking harmful stereotypes and stigmas about the community. Everyone deserves love and Dateability is making love accessible! Event attendees will receive a canvas tote bag and an engraved necklace!
Dr. Akilah Cadet is amazing, which is fitting since her slogan, “Keep being amazing” follows her everywhere. Dr. Cadet, a BIPOC disabled woman, has dedicated her career to advocating for marginalized communities. She’s tenacious, extremely intelligent, and brave in both her professional and personal life. With her new book, “White Supremacy is All Around,” Dr. Cadet tackles the critical subject of dismantling society’s racist and ableist systems. Dr. Cadet has generously gifted each winner a signed copy of her brand new book!
Stacy London, a stylist, fashion editor, and author is graciously celebrating Galentine’s Day with us! Many know her from the hit show, What Not to Wear, and she has since expanded her work far and wide. As a chronically ill woman, Stacy has shown the world that those with chronic illness can be luxurious, successful professionals, and live a full life. We’re so excited to chat all things fun and fashion with Stacy!

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