How Dateable is Your Dateability Profile?

How Dateable is Your Dateability Profile?

Not all dating app profiles are created equally! Follow these tips to ensure you have the best chance at finding your match.

Tell a story with your profile

Use your pictures to tell the story of who you are. Use action shots showing your hobbies and interests. Did you know that selfies get swiped on less than action shots?!

Choose the right pictures

Dating app users place importance on clear high quality photos. Additionally, your profile is for YOU, not your friends! So, limit to one or two group shots and make sure these photos are the last ones. Further, ditch the pictures with sunglasses. A portrait picture with a big smile and a slight head tilt tend to perform best.

What are you looking for?

Use your bio to include what you want in a partner. Do you need to find a partner who loves dogs as much as you? Write a cheeky line about it! The profiles that receive the most likes are ones that are positive and funny. You don’t need to reveal your dealbreakers until conversations start.

Be specific

Avoid generics. Use the entire bio to add quirks and details about your life–the funnier and more specific, the better! Do you bring a blender on every vacation because you can’t go a day without a smoothie?! Put it in your bio!


What type of connection are you looking for? In addition to using the “Looking For” box, include one or two sentences about what you’re looking for.

Ice breaker

Once you match, ask a fun, no-pressure question to break the ice. Example: What is your favorite form of potato?

Be inquisitive

Are you having trouble getting the conversation going? Ask a question pertaining to the user’s profile.

Narrow it down

It’s ok to not have a bunch of likes and matches. Not everyone will be interested, and that is ok! It’s important to accurately portray yourself so that the right people will swipe right. It’s quality over quantity!


Experts say that the profiles with more typos and errors perform worse. Spellcheck your bio and use a website like Grammarly if needed!

Use these tips to increase your chances at finding love on Dateability! Comment below if you have any fun and helpful suggestions!

Jacqueline, a Caucasian female with brown hair and brown eyes, smiling.

Jacqueline Child

Jacqueline is the co-founder of Dateability. She lives with multiple chronic illnesses and is dedicated to changing the experience of disabled people. 

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